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School website design to your individual requirements with a full annual OFSTED compliance report and an automated policy date reviewer.

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Here are some reasons why a new website makes sense :

  • The website will look exactly as you want

  • Fully customisable by school staff

  • An annual full Ofsted website compliance report

  • Integration of all of your social media

  • An automatic notification system that emails staff when a school policy is due for review. The email will also include a link to the policy and cc yourself so you are aware that the policy is due. As the policy is updated it is live on the website without the need to upload. This prevents the constant need to track the policies and out of date policies being present on the website which can cause issues when the Ofsted call comes.

  • A photoshoot of good quality up to date images.

  • Priority support 24/7.

  • No need to constantly upload policies, newsletters, etc. They will automatically go live on the website as they are updated. These policies can be located in the cloud (Google Drive/One Drive) with appropriate sharing settings for staff to access them.

  • Replace print out forms with online versions which will send the details to the relevant member of staff. 

  • Your own website address - eg.

  • A secure website which uses Https encryption. 

  • The website can include 360 virtual tours if required - eg.

And...all this for a price which is less than half the price of your current provider.

The first year will be £600 per website and this includes a website design as per your requirements, with support, training and hosting.

Each year thereafter it will be £300 per year for hosting and support.


The current DCC SLA is £610 per year for hosting and support, so you would be saving £1,550 over 5 years...oh, and have a unique website that suits your needs.

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