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Angela McDermid,
Collierley Primary School

Jeff’s services were exceptional from beginning to end. He provided a comprehensive audit of all areas of ICT – even areas that I had not even considered!


Jeff took the time to understand our vision for the direction of ICT in our school. Using this, he then developed an exceptional bespoke comprehensive audit. The level of the audit was far beyond that which we would have been able to complete and has given us a very clear plan for moving forward with our ICT.


As well as looking at hardware, Jeff delved into our current ICT contracts (parent pay, iTrack, SLAs, etc – investigating if we are making full use of these) all our essential ICT policies and school website, offering recommendations on how to make these more robust and fully compliant.


As Headteacher I am now confident that, as a result of Jeff’s extensive audit and recommendations for hardware, that the small budget that we have available will be put to the best use and will significantly impact on the children in the classroom. He even gathered three quotes for all recommended spends, saving me hours of searching for suitable equipment and chasing quotes from suppliers!


As well as having clear hardware recommendations and clear actions, Jeff also advised on a training plan for staff in order to make sure that the children in our school get the best possible experience of computing.


Without hesitation, I would recommend the services of Jeff Wilson ICT for numerous reasons:

  • I am now confident in how to get the best value for the services, which we are paying heavily for.

  • We have a clear plan for actions for the small budget, which we have available.

  • We have saved several hours in searching for possible equipment and chasing quotes.

  • We now have a priority order of no-cost actions to make a big difference to the ICT in our school.

  • We have a comprehensive report and audit to share with Governors, making them far more informed.

  • Throughout the process, Jeff listened to what we wanted and ensured that his recommendations met our needs.

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